Umain Inc. started to mass produce ultra-wide band(UWB) radar based intelligent sensor module which fits perfectly along the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Umain’s short distance UWB radar sensor module works in 3.7GHz which is expected to be widely used in the autonomous mobile industry, medical diagnosis, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), security, ITS and consumer electronics.

Following the mass production CMOS radar chips in last year, Umain (former Hyosung Technology, CEO Youngwhan Kim) has developed a UWB radar sensor module with various algorithms and begun order-based mass-production from January 2017

Umain has developed various radar signal processing algorithms using UWB radar chips. In recent years, Umain has successfully developed and tested mass produced radar sensor modules that include hardware and major core algorithms in response to major demands from the market.

The UWB radar sensor module is an intelligent sensor that measures and processes the reflected signal at high speed by projecting the impulse signal. It is composed of UWB radar system-on-chip (SoC) based radar sensor board, UWB antenna and application algorithm. As a high technology, it has been used only for military use in the past.

The UWB short distance radar module has excellent permeability and resolution, and its own radar signal processing software can detect or track objects in various environments.

It performs well even in harsh environments such as darkness and dirt and has excellent detection ability even in the worst environment such as bad weather condition or heat.

It can be used in combination with optical, ultrasound, infrared, laser, motion sensor, etc. This module is expected to stimulate the research of medical diagnosis by sensing human respiration or detecting biological signal by a non-contact method.We expect application research to be active in robots and autonomous navigation industry, which are waiting for the emergence of highly reliable intelligent sensors.

Youngwhan Kim, CEO of Umain Inc., said, “We will be exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, the world’s largest mobile exhibition, and the largest security exhibition in North America, Las Vegas International Security Equipment Exhibition and Conference (ISC WEST) to promote the popularization of the intelligent sensors in earnest.”

This is Umain Inc.’s introduction.

Umain Incorporated (formerly Hyosung Technology) is a research and development based venture company established in Daejeon, Korea in 2012. It has overall technology related to UWB Radar semiconductor technology, hardware design technology using IC, and signal processing algorithm technology and our official website is

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