UWB-RADAR108 Series Pre-Order Now!

Our latest UWB Radar Sensor Module + Antenna Set in compact size with KC, CE, FCC certification!
Choose your module according to desired function. The case is extra charged on your request.



  • UWB-Radar108S : Intrusion Detection – Protect your home security without camera
  • UWB-Radar108P : Presence Detection – Save energy by detecting occupancy in home, office, etc.
  • UWB-Radar108R : Respiration Detection – Check your respiration without electromagnetic waves concerns
  • UWB-Radar108A : Activity Detection – Monitor how much you/your parent is moving at home


Product Features

  • A pair of antennas included in module set
  • KC, CE, FCC Certified
  • Smallest Size (2.9cmX4.9cm) including digital data processing circuit
  • Stable and low current consumption (Max 200mA)
    – Outdoors usage with solar panels available
  • Applicable for various customer’s devices
  • Optional board for general use (eg. Bluetooth, WiFi, RS232, Zigbee, etc.) to be released



  • 1st delivery : 500 Set – Jan 31, 2018
  • 2nd delivery : 1,000 Set – Feb 28, 2018
  • 3rd delivery : 2,000 Set – Mar 30, 2018
  • Regular order for large volume is available from June, 2018 (ask to sales@umain.co.kr)


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