24GHz FMCW Radar_M

Mid-distance radar sensor designed with micromodule

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Excellent detection of object at lineal distance with low power (200mW)
  • Able to operate with external power supply (e.g. Solar cell)
  • Able to provide real time data by detecting the movements of person, vehicle & bicycle
  • Antenna angle : 10 ~ 20 °



Main ChipInfenion BGT24LTR11
Center Frequency24.125GHz(+/- 5%)
Bandwidth250MHz (sub bands 80-120MHz )
Distance Resolution0.75M
Supply Voltage5V DC
Max Current Consumption< 1.0 W
Output Power200mW
Operating Temperature range-10°C ~ +45°C
Detecting RangeCar : 70m
Human : 40m
Size(Radar Module+Base Board+Case)50mm x 65mm
Antenna TypeArray
Antenna AngleOverlap 11 degree
/ total 20 degree
Antenna Gain17dBm
InterfaceUART(Need additional development for CAN/USB)

Product Composition

UWB-Radar Sensor 7.9 (with cover & antenna)1 EA
Power Adapter1 EA
Fixing Screw6 EA

How to use

Contactless Vital Signs Detection

Umain’s UWB-Radar Sensor Application

Areas of Application

Inspection Area

  • Airport safety inspection with radar sensors
  • Detecting dangerous materials using signal processing
  • Real-time inspection

Non-contact Medical Device

  • Detecting respiration and heart beat
  • Provides sanitary and stable medical operation environment
  • Applicable to connect into medical image processing

Millitary Scan Device

  • Detecting landmine and bomb
  • Auto Robot Sensor
  • Maximize the probability of Detecting

Underground Facilities Detection

  • Scanning the under roads
  • Scanning the water supply pipess
  • Detecting sinkholes

Emergency Device

  • Search for missing people in disaster area
  • New Convergence Technology for the safety and emergency

Firefighting Field

  • Detecting life and body signal
  • Robust and stable under any conditions

Automation Equipment

  • Factory Automation

Monitoring Intrusion Status

  • Real-time invader tracking system
  • Indoor location system with multi radar sensors