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UMAIN Inc.(Previously Hyosungtech Inc.), a Ultra Wide Band(UWB) High Resolution Impulse Radar Technology R&D based company located in South Korea, has achieved UWB Radar chip mass production, related Antennas and Signal Processing Algorithm that dramatically empower sensor industry to overcome the limitations of their functions with legacy sensors like optical, ultrasound and motion detector by giving affordable price and flexibility of their own algorithm development. UWB is a unique technology approved by the FCC for commercial use, to transmit impulses over a very wide spectrum of frequency with very low power for a short distance. (IEEE 802.15.3a:UWB for communication, IEEE 802.15.4a: Impulse UWB for precision. ranging and location)

UMAIN Inc. commercialized this technology by producing it through Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and has already initiated discussions with Big market players and a number of medium-sized companies and all have expressed an interest in adopting UWB Radar chips and algorithms; as well as other industries that rely on legacy sensors, such as the security and surveillance, ITS, robot, automotive, IoT, disaster Prevention, construction, entertainment, and medical industry.



Apr. 2012

Incorporation, Daejeon Startup Incubation Center Sole Creating Company – RF International Co., Ltd.

Aug. 2012

Relocation to Chung-Nam University Foundation of Research &Business 809 in Daejeon

Dec. 2012

Authorized as Venture Company

May, 2013

Authorized R&D Lab by Korea Small&Medium Biz Support Center

Dec, 2013

Awarded by director of Small and Medium Business Administration

Nov, 2014

Authorized R&D center to dispatch HR

May, 2015

Contracted Technology transfer agreement with Funded R&D center

Jun, 2015

Introduced World 1st Ultra wide band Radar Sensor development KIT, HST-D1

Jul, 2015

Introduced World 1st Open hardware interlocking Ultra wide band Radar Sensor KIT, HST-D2

Oct, 2015

KES2015 Korea Electronics Exhibition Innovation Award Best New Product

Dec, 2015

Awarded 3th Excellent Technology Competition of Daejeon Startup Incubation Association

Jan, 2016

Introduced World 1st smallest One-board Ultra wide band Radar Sensor module&products, HST-S1, at Las Vegas CES2016

Oct, 2016

Relocation to KAIST Nano Fab Centre 9th fl. in Daejeon

Jan, 2017

Changed Company Name to UMAIN Inc.