UWB Directional Antenna (Sinuous)

Sinuous Type of UWB Directional Antenna

Please note that the minimum order quantity is 10. You MUST buy AT LEAST 10 antennas. *This item is currently out of stock. When you place an order, it will take at least 4 weeks for delivery completion.


  • Sinuous Anatenna
  • Size: 50mm x 50mmx 15mm
  • Connector Type: SMA(F)


GainAvg. 5dBi
Angle@-3dB/60~80 degree

Product Composition

UWB Directional Antenna (Sinuous Type)1ea

Areas of Application

Inspection Area

  • Airport safety inspection with radar sensors
  • Detecting dangerous materials using signal processing
  • Real-time inspection

Non-contact Medical Device

  • Detecting respiration and heart beat
  • Provides sanitary and stable medical operation environment
  • Applicable to connect into medical image processing

Millitary Scan Device

  • Detecting landmine and bomb
  • Auto Robot Sensor
  • Maximize the probability of Detecting

Underground Facilities Detection

  • Scanning the under roads
  • Scanning the water supply pipess
  • Detecting sinkholes

Emergency Device

  • Search for missing people in disaster area
  • New Convergence Technology for the safety and emergency

Firefighting Field

  • Detecting life and body signal
  • Robust and stable under any conditions

Automation Equipment

  • Factory Automation

Monitoring Intrusion Status

  • Real-time invader tracking system
  • Indoor location system with multi radar sensors