UWB-Radar 4.6_M

Ⅰ : R(Respiration)+A(Activity)+S(Instrusion)+P(Presence)
Ⅱ : R(Respiration)+H(HeartBeat) Sensing & Counting

The upgraded UWB-Radar Sensor Module specialized in contactless vital signs detection. You are able to choose the module product based on your desired application.



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UWB-Radar 4.6_M is the module product of our new UWB radar sensor. This is a high-performance product that can detect human respiration and heartbeat without contact, which can be applied to hospitals, nursing homes, silver care, seniors living alone, and smart offices.

  • Easy to integrate with other devices
  • Module product - including antennas
  • Contactless radar technology prevents your privacy
  • 2 algorithm are available
  • Ⅰ : R(Respiration)+A(Activity)+S(Instrusion)+P(Presence)
  • Ⅱ : R(Respiration)+H(HeartBeat) Sensing & Counting
  • Integrated algorithm firmware is available upon request+ intrusion


  • Algorithm firmware can be customized according to order quantity
  • Additional algorithm firmware will be available in orders


Main ChipHST-C1R
Center Frequency4.6GHz
Bandwidth500MHz~1GHz (Max 1GHz)
Distance Resolution2.03cm
Supply Voltage5V
Max Current ConsumptionMax 200mA
Output Power-41.3 dBm
Operating Temperature range-10°C ~ +45°C
Detecting RangeMax : 13m

Presence & Intrusion & Activity : 7m

Respiration & Heart beat : 1~2m
Size (Radar Module)58 mm x 38 mm
Antenna TypeDirectional antenna
Antenna AngleX-Z Plane : 75°
Y-Z Plane : 80°
Antenna GainXZ Plane : 5(min.) dBi

YZ Plane : 5(min.) dBi

Product Composition

UWB-Radar Sensor 4.6 Module (with antennas)1 EA
RF cable2 EA

UWB-Radar 4.6 Series Assembly Tutorial

Please refer this video when you assembly the provided products

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How to use

Contactless Vital Signs Detection

Umain’s UWB-Radar Sensor Application

Areas of Application

Inspection Area

  • Airport safety inspection with radar sensors
  • Detecting dangerous materials using signal processing
  • Real-time inspection

Non-contact Medical Device

  • Detecting respiration and heart beat
  • Provides sanitary and stable medical operation environment
  • Applicable to connect into medical image processing

Millitary Scan Device

  • Detecting landmine and bomb
  • Auto Robot Sensor
  • Maximize the probability of Detecting

Underground Facilities Detection

  • Scanning the under roads
  • Scanning the water supply pipess
  • Detecting sinkholes

Emergency Device

  • Search for missing people in disaster area
  • New Convergence Technology for the safety and emergency

Firefighting Field

  • Detecting life and body signal
  • Robust and stable under any conditions

Automation Equipment

  • Factory Automation

Monitoring Intrusion Status

  • Real-time invader tracking system
  • Indoor location system with multi radar sensors