UWB-Radar 4.6

Ⅰ : R(Respiration)+A(Activity)+S(Instrusion)+P(Presence)
Ⅱ : R(Respiration)+H(HeartBeat) Sensing & Counting

Umain’s 1st whole product type of UWB Radar Sensor (4.6Ghz) specialized in contactless vital sign detection. The state of the art design of cover, base board for data communication, and directional antennas are included.



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UWB-Radar 4.6 is the whole product of our UWB radar sensor. This is a high-performance product that can detect human respiration and heartbeat without contact, which can be applied to hospitals, nursing homes, silver care, seniors living alone, and smart offices.
  • Easy to use
  • Whole product type - including product case
  • Contactless radar technology prevents your privacy
  • Wired/wireless data communication - UART(Default), Relay, RS485
  • 2 algorithm are available
  • Ⅰ : R(Respiration)+A(Activity)+S(Instrusion)+P(Presence)
  • Ⅱ : R(Respiration)+H(HeartBeat) Sensing & Counting
  • Integrated algorithm firmware is available upon request


  • Algorithm firmware can be customized to your application depending on your order quantity
  • Additional algorithm firmware will be available in orders


Main ChipHST-C1R
Center Frequency4.6GHz
Bandwidth500MHz~1GHz (Max 1GHz)
Distance Resolution2.03cm
Supply Voltage12V
Max Current ConsumptionMax 350mA
Output PowerMax -41.3dBm
Operating Temperature range-10°C ~ +45°C
Detecting RangeMax : 13m

Presence & Intrusion & Activity : 7m

Respiration & Heart beat : 1~2m
(Radar Module+Base Board+Case)
115 mm x 64 mm x 50 mm

(Except pedestal)
Antenna TypeDirectional antenna
Antenna AngleX-Z Plane : 75˚

Y-Z Plane : 80˚
Antenna GainXZ Plane : 5(min.) dBi

YZ Plane : 5(min.) dBi
RS485, Relay

Product Composition

UWB-Radar Sensor 4.6 (with cover & antennas)1 EA
Power Adapter1 EA
Fixing Screw6 EA

UWB-Radar 4.6 Series Assembly Tutorial

Please refer this video when you assembly the provided products

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How to use

Contactless Vital Signs Detection

Umain’s UWB-Radar Sensor Application

Areas of Application

Inspection Area

  • Airport safety inspection with radar sensors
  • Detecting dangerous materials using signal processing
  • Real-time inspection

Non-contact Medical Device

  • Detecting respiration and heart beat
  • Provides sanitary and stable medical operation environment
  • Applicable to connect into medical image processing

Millitary Scan Device

  • Detecting landmine and bomb
  • Auto Robot Sensor
  • Maximize the probability of Detecting

Underground Facilities Detection

  • Scanning the under roads
  • Scanning the water supply pipess
  • Detecting sinkholes

Emergency Device

  • Search for missing people in disaster area
  • New Convergence Technology for the safety and emergency

Firefighting Field

  • Detecting life and body signal
  • Robust and stable under any conditions

Automation Equipment

  • Factory Automation

Monitoring Intrusion Status

  • Real-time invader tracking system
  • Indoor location system with multi radar sensors