UWB-Radar 108 S(侵入検知)


Sold Out

カメラなしで自宅内の安全が守れます。Serial Portを通じて侵入者(人)のリアルタイムの距離値が取得できます。




  • 1EA/ USD 140.00
  • 100EA/USD 130.00
  • 500EA/ USD 120.00
  • 1,000EA/ USD 111.00
  • 10,000EA/ 見積依頼

Lead time

  • 1次出荷: 500 Set – 2018年1月31日
  • 2次出荷: 1,000 Set – 2018年 2月28日
  • 3次出荷: 2,000 Set – 2018年 3月30日
  • 大量の定期出荷は別途お問い合わせください。(sales@umain.co.kr)


  • 3段階のアラーム(安全<注意<リスク) - 各侵入検知ゾーンをユーザが設定
  • 非接触式レーダー技術による精密侵入検知
  • 窓ガラスやパネルなどの一般的な装置物を透過し、優れた検知機能を提供。(透過材質によって検知距離が短くなることがあります。)
  • 低く安定した電力消費量(Max 200mA)
  • レーダーボード+アンテナ2pで構成


  • The case is extra charged on your request
  • Firmware can be customized to your application depending on your order quantity
  • Optional board for general use (eg. Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, Zigbee, etc.) to be released


周波数South Korea 3.735~4.8GHz
US.EU 3.1~4.8GHz
帯域幅MAX 1 GHz
500MHz (Factory Default)
検知距離MAX 13.4M (Factory Default)
7~8M (Human Detection)
アンテナ角度X-Z plane : 81.60º
Y-Z plane : 69.61º
Main ChipHST-C1R
出力Typ. -41.3dBm
消費電力 Max 200mA
インタフェースUART (Default)
SPI, I2C on request

Product Composition

UWB Radar Sensor Module1 ea
Directional Antenna & Bottom Panel1 set
Plastic Support 10mm8 ea
Plastic bolt 5mm12 ea
RF Cable2 ea
ManualProvided on-line
FirmwareProvided on-line

UWB-Radar 108 Series Assembly Tutorial

Please refer this video when you assembly the provided products

Let’s watch this

How to use

Contactless Vital Signs Detection

UWB-Radar 108 Series Application

Areas of Application

Inspection Area

  • Airport safety inspection with radar sensors
  • Detecting dangerous materials using signal processing
  • Real-time inspection

Non-contact Medical Device

  • Detecting respiration and heart beat
  • Provides sanitary and stable medical operation environment
  • Applicable to connect into medical image processing

Millitary Scan Device

  • Detecting landmine and bomb
  • Auto Robot Sensor
  • Maximize the probability of Detecting

Underground Facilities Detection

  • Scanning the under roads
  • Scanning the water supply pipess
  • Detecting sinkholes

Emergency Device

  • Search for missing people in disaster area
  • New Convergence Technology for the safety and emergency

Firefighting Field

  • Detecting life and body signal
  • Robust and stable under any conditions

Automation Equipment

  • Factory Automation

Monitoring Intrusion Status

  • Real-time invader tracking system
  • Indoor location system with multi radar sensors